Where Light Ends

by Forgotten Light

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The album contains 6 tracks entirely produced by Forgotten Light, recorded and mixed at SpaceCraft Studio by Christian Scarponi (aka Dick Laurent, performer and guitarrist of the celebrated italian band Cadaveria) during October 2012 - April 2013,


released September 11, 2013

Forgotten Light are:

Nico Sechi - Voices and Keyboards
Davide Fin - Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Roberto Puggioni - Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Pasquale Lubinu - Acoustic and Electric Bass
Flavio Fancellu - Drums



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Forgotten Light Ossi, Italy

Forgotten Light is a metal band from Italy, Sardinya.
Author of very modern heavy metal songs with a mix of melodic and aggressive riffs and clean / growling vocals, metal progressive lines and researched lyrics, it records its debut album "Where Light Ends".

The album contains 6 tracks entirely produced by Forgotten Light, recorded and mixed at SpaceCraft Studio by Christian Scarponi.
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Track Name: Apprentice
Never thought you could understand
Never hoped you could learn
Too tired to apply
Too bored to find the strength
You’re going to model that stone
You can give it any form you prefer
But you can’t transform it
A stone it will remain
You can build a wall for the garden of God
Or just throw it into the air to study the celestial mechanics
It can fly through the sky and reach the stars
You can hide it under a thousand miles of water but
a stone it will remain
What about you?
Are you going to remain the same?

Wait, stand
Come closer when you talk to me
What do you see when you open your eyes?
I’ll tell you if I see the same
Quick, speak
While closer to the dream of ecstasy
I see ancient fears and broken innocence
Once, twice and again

I look around with closed lips
Fear that paralyses every breath
Scenes that I really cannot understand
Well sculpted in my memory again
Sound that pervades my brain
That shakes my heart that seems to stop
Sounds that I know perfectly
Shiver down my spine

He stares in front of me
Eating souls fears and every breath
Scenes that I don’t want to see again
Repeated for ages out of sight
Time lost forever in vain
For reasons men cannot understand
Scenes that I don’t want to see again
Forever repeated and lost.

In the meanwhile people live their lives
Ignoring time
Settling down for ages and ages
Can you tell me what we can do?
A slave to the mystery, I hesitate too
Time wasted forever.

Wait, stand
Don’t come so close when you look at me
Observe the scenes, hiding yourself
For sure I’ll do the same
Quick, speak
Strong is the desire to run away
Far from the abyss of men and pain
Forever captured and chained.

So I really wish to know
Who or what this sentinel is
Silently following my footsteps
I came back to my master again
He’s been here since the dawn of times
He tells me with terror in his eyes
To punish mankind for their crimes
Hidden to the human eye

For ages sentinels have been eating
Souls for all the crimes they’ve committed
Religions revealed to men
Ignore the sacrifice upon his altar
Time lost forever in vain
For reasons men cannot understand
Scenes that I don’t want to see again
Forever repeated and lost

You can give it a spherical shape
You can break it in two half
But you can’t transform it
A stone it will remain
You’re going to transform it in dust
You can set it free in the ocean
But you can’t transform it
A stone it will remain
Track Name: Forgotten Lords
Homage to thee
My old enemy
Take a seat next to me
And toast to our fate
Remember with me the years
When we made the blood flow

Homage to thee
Lord of eternity
Permanent is thy rank,
Established is thy rule.
Passed is the time
When our blood was so young

Strange how the warmth of blood
Has marked our days
Strange is this endless eternity
We’ve reached losing our winter
Strange how the colour of blood
Has turned off our days
Strange is this blind eternity
We’ve gained with this curse

Drink to our curse
Is there anybody who can
Remember those days
When our blood flowed so young

Take your seat next to me
Do you see the light
That fulfils the life of one who’s alive?

Those years are gone now
Our brothers have left us
We’ve fought for forgotten lords
And lost our sons in vanished realms
Is there anybody who can
Remember those names?
Even the names of the stars have changed.

Let us remember the days
When we set fear in all the lands
When all the kings cried out our names
Making them the first of names
And all the people
Brought offerings to us.
Track Name: Thy Favourite Son
You’re sitting all alone, man
The other men have gone home
What do you think in silence?
Is everything OK?
Hey man?

Those words bring me back to a long distant memory.
At the beginning little flashbacks
Soon the whole story comes to mind
The vision inside that has not suffocated
Oozes the woe of that tragedy
I am sitting there in front of a distinguished lady
Candles burn up in the dark

For all those moments of yesterday
I would have traded tomorrow
And now that those moments are so far away
I see her too... death, closer than you

In silence she look at me with her eyes
She doesn’t move her lips at all
I could hear the peace she feels inside
Why don’t you feel like me?... the fear

What else is there left to say
…”If you can’t do this your brother he will do it himself”
...”What God commands should be done, son”
Are words that still echoes in mind

Gun in hand, the darkest hour
At the door the betrayer
What do you think in silence?
The lady asks me...
So many times I’ve tried and failed to
Gather my courage
Reach again for that nail
I love you Mother
I love you Son

Have you ever heard the thunder
That keeps the time between me and you ?
Which seems to measure out the seconds
Someone... lent to us ?
It’s strange to me. Isn’t it?
Our tears, inside, seem to suffocate the pain
The surface of the heart seems to fresh
But deeper in, at the core... we’re not dead yet.

Don't tell me now
That there is nothing more
There is a way
Just like there is a door
And if there isn’t another way
You tell me why

I’m laying here in silence
To the right my own killing hand
In my head the consciousness
To the left my own bleeding heart
To my back the distant past
Under my feet a new land
And in front of me...
a mystery...
Full of guilt... because I’m guilty
Full of pain...because I’m a murder

So many words without truth
Fill our minds, you’ll agree
Since the beginning of our lives
We’re looking for the closest sun
Trying to leave this place in the dark
But we know our place is too far away.

Won’t you spend a little of your time
To remember the life of yesterday?
You will see its colour that lies within
It’s always hidden here.
Can’t you hear me my little child?
Track Name: Secret Passage
I dreamt of you today
Dejection, frustration
Every time seems to die again
Where have you gone?
What have you done?

Silent footsteps when I’m so weak
Primal anger I cannot defeat
You come with a fiery caress on my skin
Then leave with a kiss in the morning.

You You’ve stolen all my life
Time slips away
Hands full of pain

Falling, falling, falling
I wish I was not falling, falling, falling
Falling, falling, falling
I wish I had stopped when I had the time

There was a time
When I would’ve been stronger
Before you entered my life
With strength of infinite measure
You’ve divided the chaos from the order
Every second from the other

I awoke and you were here
I gathered all my strength
A happy bird of spring
And then you released your smile.

Let me in
Through your secret passage
Show me if your soul is broken
Let me see
If your mind is open
Or if you have a different one.

I wouldn’t have committed my crime
If I had been stronger
Could not understand this life
Deadly choice
That cancelled my reason
Every thought from the other.
I opened my eyes wide
And you were there
Drained of strength
I kill your smiles

I, I’ve stolen all your life
Time slips away
Hands full of pain
Track Name: 24 Hours
I know it wasn’t my fault
It’s a strange sense of freedom
The one I feel today
Through this septic wound
You’ve entered down to the bones
Like a cancer you’ve attacked
And killed my soul

Someone said there’s a bridge
Made of love you’ll agree
Which links two lives
Where is it for you and me?
You’ve destroyed all my dreams
You have killed my naivety
Is this a kind of bridge
That someone has built?

I: Stay with me
Open your eyes
Don’t move
Can you hear me man?
Tell me what’s your name
Don’t move
We’re here to help you
Do you know what’s happened?
Someone shot you
Remember who shot you?
Stay with me

II: Hunted
They hunt me like an animal
A new wound that burns for sure
I feel lost today
I felt free before
I’ve escaped out of town
I don’t know where to go
Don’t have a buck
Where should I go?

Radio said I’ve shot twice
And I’ve shot a little child
He’s still alive
Thank God he’s still alive
I did not want, I didn’t know
What have I done?
All that I wanted was
He did not touch me

III: Escape
Subject was seen
Out of town
Pay attention men
She might be armed
Don’t move
Don’t move I said
Subject is escaping, she’s armed
I’ve shot her ‘cause she was a fool.
Subject has escaped
She’s armed and wounded
IV: Apologies
Oh my little child
You remember me all my dolls
I’ve injured you so deep inside
I want to apologize
You’re so small, so fragile
Are you dreaming ?
Open your eyes
All this pain should be set aside
Please God, forgive me